A downloadable game for Windows

The game is still in a prototype state, and I do not have any immediate intentions for working on it longer. However, if you want to see more quality or functions put into the game, feel free to leave a suggestion for what you would like to see! I will absolutly check into this page once in a while and most likely add more to the game if I see something I like suggested!

My name is Chris R. Sloan and this is N.E.O's single-player strategy game, Smuggler's Command.

You play as the captain of the Centennial Hawk, a smuggling class ship transporting illegal goods throughout the galaxy for profit. But life as a smuggler is dangerous, and you must avoid being intercepted by enemy ships as you transport your goods.

By managing your ship's engine, turret, and shield systems to survive incoming asteroids and hostile fire! So prove you are the best smuggler in the galaxy by marking your name in history with the most amount of profit from all your successful smuggling runs!


Smuggler's Command V1.0.zip 26 MB